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Roof Installation in Topeka - Is It Common?

Roofs can last a long time on a home. Unfortunately, not maintaining your roof regularly can lead to premature roof replacement or installation. For example, if you have asphalt roofs, your roof may need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years. Other roofs like metal, slate, and tile can last 50 years or longer. However, if they aren't properly maintained and get loaded with black algae or moss, this can cut the lifespan of your shingles in half. It can also cause damages to your roof sheathing that may require it to be replaced.

Roof installation can be pretty expensive, and if it's not covered by insurance, this can lead to unexpected financial problems. Establishing a regular roof maintenance plan with our top-rated roofing company can prevent unforeseen issues with your roof.

Contact our highly skilled roof contractors today to establish routine inspections and get a FREE quote for roofing issues you may have to prevent premature roof installation in Topeka.

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Some Reasons Why You May Need Roof Installation in Topeka

One of the main reasons most homeowners need roof installation in Topeka is that their shingles are old and damaged. Asphalt shingles typically last between 15 to 20 years. If the shingles on your home are worn or missing, then it may be time to consider new roof installation.

Another reason for new roof installation may be because you would like to have a few more inches added to your attic space to create a functional area for a family member to live in. Although this may not be a common reason to get a new roof installed, it can happen, especially if a family needs extra space and doesn't want to move.

One final reason for roof installation is because the roof structure is severely compromised and needs to be replaced and new shingles added. If you have had lots of moss and black algae on your roof and it has destroyed the roof's sheathing, you most likely will need the plywood on your roof replaced along with new shingles. If you've recently had a fire or a tree fell on your roof, you will need a new roof installation.

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Keep The Weather From Causing Further Damage To Your Home With Roof Installation

The weather in Topeka can be pretty unpredictable. High winds, ice storms, or snow can take a toll on roofs that are already weak. If your roof sheathing is sagging, storms can make matters worse. In some cases, a buildup of ice and snow on top of a sagging room could cause collapse.

Unfortunately, insurance may not cover these problems if homeowners have not done their due diligence to keep their roofs maintained as they should.

Our experts at The Topeka Roofers have seen how roofs can cause devastating impacts on a family's finances. We don't want you to experience the pain and agony of roof leaks and other costly problems. Establishing regular roof inspections with us at least twice a year will allow us to keep you from facing significant losses. It will also keep your roof warranty and help home insurance enforced.

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Did You Know That A New Roof Can Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home?

Many people try to improve energy efficiency through their windows and doors. But did you know that you may be losing a lot of energy out of your home through your roof? The roof of your home covers a wide area. If it is not adequately insulated, you could be losing a lot of energy right through your roof in winter. Also, if you have dark-colored roofs and poor ventilation in your attic, this may be trapping heat in your house during the summer.

Either way, you probably have to use more energy than you should to keep your home cool in summer or warm in winter. Installing a new roof can help you to create a much more energy-efficient home. Get started by calling The Topeka Roofers customer care team today.



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Our Other Fantastic Roofing Services in Topeka

The Topeka Roofers can install roofs, but this isn't our only specialty. We also make roof repairs in Topeka and the surrounding area. If you prefer to change the type of roof shingles you currently have, we can also help. Our expert team installs asphalt, slate, cedar shake, metal shingles, and more. We also provide services to residential and commercial customers.

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