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Commercial roofing for Topeka structures is not the same as residential roofing! A commercial roof contractor might need to work around various obstructions such as HVAC equipment during repairs, and many commercial structures have flat roofs with rubber coatings and other materials not used for homes.

To ensure your needed commercial roofing installation in Topeka last for years, turn to the pros with over 20 year of industry experience, The Topeka Roofers. Our crew is all highly trained in every form of commercial roof repair and installation, with the skills and experience needed to ensure durable repairs that last.

We are so confident in the work provided by our contractors performing commercial roofing in Topeka that we guarantee every project, no matter its size or materials used! To find out more about our commercial roofing repairs and other services, or to schedule your FREE, no-obligation, no-hassle appointment, give us a call today for roofing in Topeka.

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Are You Putting Off Commercial Roofing Services in Topeka?

Your commercial property might be the most expensive investment you’ll ever make, which is why you want to protect it with timely, professional commercial roofing services in Topeka. New roofing and roof coatings help repel water, preventing framing damage and mold, while also insulating interior spaces, potentially lowering utility costs.

Old, outdated, damaged roofs also detract from a structure’s curb appeal! A dingy, rundown building might seem unsightly to a potential customer or client, detracting from your business itself. New commercial roofing can enhance your property’s appearance, creating a clean, like-new appearance.

To find out more about the benefits of a new roof for your commercial structure, give us a call today. We carry a wide variety of roof materials and pride ourselves on providing convenient service times and limited disruption to your business and property.

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Call Today for Needed Commercial Roof Repair in Topeka!

The longer you put off needed commercial roof repair in Topeka, the most extensive and costly those repairs become. Rubber roof coatings can start to peel and curl, while shingles might split and crack and fall away from the roof.

Damaged coatings and roofing materials allow water to seep onto the roof decking and other underlayment, both of which are costly to replace. Damaged roofing also leads to holes and interior water damage, mold growth, and even insect infestation! A worn, thin roof also allows your heating and cooling to escape, increasing your energy costs.

To avoid these risks, call us at the first sign of roof damage and for regular inspections every year. We ensure fast, durable repairs, using commercial roofing systems built and designed to last. To find out more or to get started with your FREE quote, call right now!

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A contractor installing new commercial roofing in Topeka.

Why Rely on The Topeka Roofers for Your Roofing Needs?

Not all commercial roofing companies in Topeka are alike, which is why you need to rely on our trained and experienced crew for all your commercial roofing needs. We start every project with a thorough inspection, ensuring no detail is overlooked and that we recommend the best commercial roofing materials for your structure.

Here at The Topeka Roofers, we also take pride in our outstanding customer service, answering all your questions every step of the way, and working with you to choose new roofing systems and materials when needed. We can also recommend preventative services such as roof coatings, so your structure’s roof lasts as long as possible.

For the most outstanding commercial roof repairs and installation, or for a new roof coating over existing materials, give us a call. We offer convenient appointment times, FREE quotes, and a written guarantee you can trust. To find out more, use our contact form or pick up the phone and call right now!



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Other Services Available

The Topeka Roofers is the company you can trust for all your residential and commercial roofing in the Topeka service area. We offer full-service residential roof installations and repairs, with a full catalog of the latest materials designed for both durability and style.

Our roofing contractors are also highly trained and experienced in performing full roof inspections, spotting damage before it becomes extensive. We can also help you choose the right roofing material for your home or business, whether that’s affordable shingles or upgraded metal roofing, or a roof coating for your commercial building.

Don’t go another day or, worse yet, full year without the inspection and roof repairs you need to have done! To ensure a quality roof in good condition overhead, call the pros here today.

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