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We Don't Surprise Our Customers With Unexplainable, Hidden Fees

After 20 years of experience in the roofing business, we have heard many customers' complaints about unprofessional companies that they have hired for services. One consistent complaint is being overcharged or being dealt out excessive fees for unexplained services or problems that arise. What distinguishes us from the amateurs is our professional roofing estimates. Instead of simply stating what we are going to do, we provide a comprehensive list of the work: the labor costs, the material costs, warranties, and guarantees for our roofing services. We do our absolute best to provide our customers with an accurate estimate so that you don't have to fear excessive hidden fees arising at the end of the project.

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Our Stellar Roofing Services in Topeka

Quick, Concise Roof Inspections in Topeka

One of the most critical distinctions between us and amateur roofers are the roof inspections. To give you the most accurate quote and protect you from any looming problems, we perform a thorough inspection first. Our contractors check the interior of your home and the exterior, checking for any problems. Our professionals make sure to check the shingles' quality, the flashing, gutters, and other issues that could lead to roof leaks.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, our roof contractors know precisely what to look for during these inspections. Contact one of our roof professionals for your free inspection and estimate today.

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Roof Repair Done Right, Every Time!

Roof repair in Topeka can be pricey, which is why we make sure that we get the job right so that customers won't have to bear the burden of cost overruns. Our team of professionals prepares accurate estimates so that customers know well in advance what to expect in terms of our deadline and costs. We believe in transparency so that we gain our customers' trust.

This is why we have been successful in the roofing business for 20 years. Call one of our roofers for your roof repairs in Topeka.

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Signs You Need Roof Replacement for Your Topeka Home

If you are experiencing a variety of problems with your roof, it may be time for a roof replacement. These issues could include roof leaks, broken or missing shingles, bad flashing, rotting roof decking, and structural damage. We will inspect your roof and determine how bad the damage is. In most cases, if your roof is really old, then it would be best to invest in a roof replacement.

Are you ready to start your roof replacement in Topeka? Contact one of our roof contractors to get your free estimate.

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A roofer installing a roof in Topeka

State-of-the-Art Roof Installation in Topeka

Our roofers always use the best roofing materials with our Topeka roof installations so that we produce quality outcomes. Clients can choose from materials like asphalt, slate, cedar shake, metal, rubber, plastic, tile, and roof coatings. Our roof installations are also quick, with some installs finishing in a day and others no longer than ten days. We take every precaution to keep you safe as we install the new roof, and we ensure that your property is left in the same condition in which we found it.

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Our New Roof Construction Services in Topeka, KS

If you have severe structural damage done to your roof due to a fire or damage from a storm, then you probably need new roof construction in Topeka. If you need more space in your attic, we can provide new roof construction services to change your roof's shape and add square footage.

Do you want to utilize our new roof construction services? Contact one of our roofing experts for a free estimate for your new roof construction in Topeka.

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Our Commercial Roofing Services in Topeka

Business owners and property managers should make their commercial roofing in Topeka the number one priority on their maintenance list. Many of the problems that arise in a commercial building, including energy issues and leaks, are directly related to the roof's condition. We recommend that you have your commercial roof inspected twice a year. If you experience intense storms within the year, you should also have the roof inspected after the storms.

There is a lot of liability possible within commercial settings, so it is critical to have your roof inspected and fixed to avoid unfavorable legal issues. Also, inspecting and maintaining your commercial roof will help reduce expenses over the long-term, including energy bills and expensive roof repairs.

Are you ready to begin your regular roof inspections? Contact our commercial roofing experts in Topeka.

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"We received a roof repair from The Topeka Roofers for our asphalt roof. Throughout the process, they were communicative, knowledgable, and reliable. We definitely recommend them for roofing services."
- Jack J.

Our Roofing Service Areas in Kansas

The Topeka Roofers has served the Topeka service area and the surrounding communities of Lawrence, Manhattan, Ottawa, Tonganoxie, and Emporia, Kansas, for two decades. We offer various quality roofing materials, including asphalt, slate, cedar shake, metal, rubber, plastic, tile, and roof coatings. We also provide roofing services such as roof inspections, roof estimates, roof repair, roof replacement, roof installation, and new roof construction. Contact one of our roofing experts today to get your free roof inspection and estimate.

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When you're seeking out a a roof repair, replacement, or new roof construction, we're the Topeka Roofers to get the job done or Call us at (785) 384-6400
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